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Globalization is paving way for border less world and distance between people and places have decreased considerably. People have come closure crossing the boundaries of their countries. This has instigated the need for international travel.

Motive behind international travel can be anything – leisure trip, work, study or research programs etc. but the starting point of any international  travel is “visa” and at Bluesky  Immigration, your quest for visa ends.
Bluesky Immigration is India’s leading visa facilitation centre. The Company with its experience and expertise is well geared up to handle all types of visas – visas for individuals, travel agents, travel management companies and corporate.

Immigration Visa Application

Sometimes voluntary and involuntary conditions might lead you to relocate yourself to another country. This process is called immigration. To transpire safe and easy immigration, one has to approach experienced consultants. Bluesky immigration are the best consultants in Delhi, solving your immigration issues.

When immigration is far more need than a choice to build your career stronger we cannot just let your visa documentation part act as a hindrance between your career and goals.

Immigrating is certainly not an easy task, as it requires many legal documents to be furnished. People often get confused with immigration formalities. Bluesky Immigration has many years of dedicated experience in Immigration services. The immigration experts ensure to provide all the professional and legal assistance to resolve all your immigration issues. No matter which country you belong to, you can avail our immigration and visa services from a highly experienced team of immigration professionals and legal representative.

In case you are planning to settle abroad or planning to build your career overseas, we are the place where you can make your dreams come true.

What makes the entire process a tough deal is the legal affairs that may be associated with your relocation process and our expert immigration counseling and consultancy services see to it that all your work is done instantly and without any hassle.

Also, we provide expert guidance and counseling about every detail of documentation process so that it can be done smoothly. All our representatives have in-depth knowledge of immigration law-related services thus ensuring zero chance of error or misrepresentation.

We evaluate and advocate guidelines for immigration procedure and thus guide our clients accordingly. With experience, we have set standards of excellence in the field of international mobility and take pride in have counseled umpteen numbers of immigrants. We abide by the stringent laws and work out the immigration processing accordingly to maintain a high rate of visa success.

Spouse Visa Application

Spouse visa reunites the families. Bluesky Immigration services; very well understands the need of union of families and leaves no stones unturned to transpire the spouse visa requirements leaning no scope of any error.

In order to be eligible for Spouse visa, you will need to satisfy following requirements:

  • You and your partner must be over the age of 18 years
  • You must have met each other and be legally married
  • You must intend to live together
  • You must have enough money to support yourselves and any dependants without claiming public funds
  • You must have suitable accommodation for you, your partner and any dependent children.
  • Your partner must satisfy the English language requirements.

Our immigration experts see to it that all your documents are up to date with all the legal formalities so that you get your spouse visa without any sort of hindrance. Every country has their own policies pertaining to spouse visa requirements. Our experts are well known about these requirements and hence can provide professional and 360 degree guidance to the clients.

Our experts see to it that the application is water tight so that there are no loopholes for the authority to reject it. In other words all the spouse visa applications we have put up till date, we have maintained a successful record of approvals by the competent authority. At Bluesky Immigration, there is no room for any sort of errors and ifs and buts as we believe in result oriented approach.

We, at Blue sky immigration services have been working with Indian migrants for almost over a decade and we can readily connect with the urgency in applying for spouse visa and transpire the entire process smoothly and without and tension.

We provide step by step assistance and see to it that your spouse visa is in your hands without any trouble. Our experience and expertise makes us understands all the ins and outs of formalities and document requirements and enable us to transpire these applications accurately so that spouse visa is received without any delay.

Tourist Visa Application

Planning to travel abroad on holidays? You need to have a tourist visa. Tourist visa is applied by a person who wants to travel abroad on holiday, visit a place, relatives or friends or even write exams or for undergoing some medical treatment.

Normally visas are granted to applicants based on the country which they are applying, those who have visited before can apply for 1, 2 or 10 years depending on their profile and country.

Every country has their own rules and formalities for granting tourist visas to applicants say for e.g. the US requires an applicant to attend the personal interview if he/she has not traveled overseas before. Visa requirements vary from country to country and also it depends on the nationality like for some countries and nationals, tourist visa should be obtained before traveling, while for some it is granted on arrival.

Getting tourist visa is easy but the applicant has to prove that your intent is genuine, documentation should be correct with all the legal formalities fulfilled and complete and with funds to travel and return. You should return to origin country before your visa expires.

Bluesky Immigration services, with its experience and expertise, increase the probability of getting your visa stamping by making the process smooth and hassle-free. We also provide assistance in Travel insurance, accommodation and many more.

Our representatives are well aware of the tourist formalities of various countries and so they very well understand what are the legal formalities that are to be fulfilled and what documents are to be submitted. They put up the tourist visa application of the client in such a manner that it is accepted instantly.

We are the most trusted tourist visa consultants in Delhi and our visa agents are professionals in the visa process. Our workforce is composed of an assiduous and committed team of result driven experts, available to assist you and provide you with great pleasure of your travel dream. So make your dream of overseas travel come true and make the memories remain in your mind till eternity.